This page contains frequently asked questions and information we hope will help you get the most out of PhotoFunia.

Is PhotoFunia free to use?


I'm new. How do I get started with PhotoFunia?

PhotoFunia is really easy to use. There is no need to download and install anything. All you have to do is click on the preview of the effect you would like to use and select your photo on the second page. That's it! PhotoFunia does all the hard work that would take hours for the professional image editor to do. Some of the effects allow you to upload multiple images, or type in custom text to make your photo look really unique. Click here to see a great video review by Chris Pirillo which will guide you the basics of using PhotoFunia.

PhotoFunia says my picture is too big. How can I make it smaller?

Microsoft offers free download of a Windows XP Image Resize Powertoy on their website. This powertoy lets you resize a photo in seconds with a simple right click which is perfect for preparing it to upload on PhotoFunia! Click here to download it.

Can I embed the picture in another site/blog/facebook/okrut page?

Sure. You can either save it to your computer by clicking "Save" and upload it to the blog yourself or click "Publish" to get a permanent URL of the image. If you intend to use the image for commercial purpose please contact us first to get more details.

What do those little colourful icons on the previews of the effect mean?

– Effect is using face detection technology. For the given effect, it is necessary that the face on the photo is front facing, well lit, not blurred and not covered by anything (a good example - your passport photo). Preferably, the photo's background should be neutral. If there is more than one face on the photo then the first in the row will be chosen.

– Effect is available in hi-resolution. You can click "Order print" button below the generated image to get it printed via one of our printing partners.

– Effect supports animation. You would usually have a choice to generate either a static image or an animated one.

I'm worried about privacy. What happens with the uploaded pictures?

Don't worry, all uploaded images are automatically deleted and are never shared with anyone.

Can I get the photo in hi resolution? I would like to print it on a poster/mug/t-shirt.

Certain effects (marked with an amber printer icon) are available in hi resolution and are suitable for being printed on anything up to A3 size. All you have to do is click "Order print" button in the menu below generated image and you will be taken to our partners' printing services shopping cart where you can select the product, style and quantity of your order.

Why don't you make a standalone program which can be used without an internet connection?

Our goal at PhotoFunia is to make the app available to all users worldwide no matter what operating system they are using and being able to update it without you ever having to download or install anything. All you do is type in the address in your browser or open an iPhone/Android app and all new updates are already there. Having an app which is web-based also gives us freedom in a sense that we are not bound to physical limitations of users' hardware thus as you can see our users are being able to experience the same great quality on their mobile devices as they do via browser app.

I love PhotoFunia. How can I help?

We are always looking for new ways to make PhotoFunia better, funnier and more user-friendly. If you have ideas or suggestions please share them with us.

Still have questions? Click here to contact us.